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Reviewing the Use of Chat GPT

27th February, 2024

MINRES Courses | Resources | Plagiarism and Chat GPT in Training and Assessment

MINRES Courses | Resources | Plagiarism and Chat GPT in Training and Assessment

Student caught cheating because he didn't delete the Chat GPT code from his answer....

It’s the hot new topic that everyones talking about, everywhere. Chat bots designed to change the way we write.  But if you ask it to answer one of your assessment questions, is this cheating? Lets discuss… 

Perhaps youve heard the chatter and or debates about using Chat GPT.  the groundbreaking conversational chatbot that can answer any question, write whole paragraphs in seconds… and analyse problems in a human like manner.  Its equally very exciting as it is scary! 

Students have realised that Chat GPT can answer the question, write the essay, do the work on their behalf.  And now the controversy… Schools, TAFE’s, Colleges, RTO’s Universities everywhere have all unanimously agreed that its cheating, and academic penalty should be applied for anyone who gives this a go.  Theres no denying that AI Tools are here to stay, super useful in school and at work, but like everything else, you have to use them correctly.  

If you rely solely on Chat GPT to do the work for you, then no original opinion was formed and you already have a plan to fail.  you can fool the whole world, but in the end youve only cheated yourself…. 

How you should - and shouldn't - Use Chat GPT as a Student


DO you use it to brainstorm ideas: Find a starting point and build your argument with critical thinking. 

DO ask for research guidance before you get started: A good starting point is a great remedy for procrastination. 

DO ask questions about materials or topics you don’t understand: Ask for clarification or explanation if you cant contact your trainer or assessor after hours… 

DO use Chat GPT to proofread your own work: great for grammatical ideas, sentence structure, readability. Ask for suggestions for improvement. 

DO cite any reference to AI in your reference list: University of Queensland has some nifty recommendations about how to handle this. Chat GPT Referencing 



DON’T ask the software to write your answer for you! It is in fact plagiarism…and we weren’t born yesterday as my mother would say.   

DON’T simply trust that the machine generated answer is the right one: These bots can only rely on the sources of information they have been trained on. 

DON’T do anything that violates your training providers Academic Integrity Policy: Some providers will encourage using AI as a research tool.  Some providers are banning the use of them outright. 

DON’T demonstrate that you cant think for yourself like “Johnny” did: Johnny copied the entire ChatGPT code and prompt into his answer and pressed submit. 

You know, for as long as I can remember, Mum and Dad taught us kids, me, right from wrong, and cheating was no exception.

Bless his soul, I still think he cheated at Risk and Monopoly…. he didn’t just win, he would annihilate the world and take all the hotels. He wiped the floor, and man if he wasn’t cheating, his strategy was the tops!

Dad loved learning, all the time! And arguing…sometimes for the sake of it – because everyone would always learn something!

We all face challenges in our life and respective industry’s; home, husbands, children, parenting. mining, quarrying, education… but cheating should never be one of them. This past week gone, I have been in the unpleasant position of having to contact a student, and their respective employer about his use of, and plain dumb use of Chat GPT while completing his assessment.


To all industry stakeholders and students – let’s join hands in shaping a future where competent people are the norm. Embrace training and a culture of continuous learning. Our futures depend on it. …Life is about learning, and if we haven’t learned that, then we haven’t learned anything!

Author’s Note: This post is inspired by recent student submission where it was painfully obvious that an AI Chatbot had been used to complete an assessment.

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