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Reviewing Mining Supervision

1st January, 2024

MINRES Courses | Resources | Reviewing Mining Supervision: Strategies for Effective Supervision and Competence

MINRES Courses | Resources | Reviewing Mining Supervision: A Strategy for Effective Competency and Safety

The mining industry, known for its rigorous demands and operational complexities, is currently facing a pivotal challenge: a noticeable decline in the experience and competency levels of supervisors. The recent discussions on professional platforms like LinkedIn have highlighted this growing concern, bringing to light the need for a fundamental shift in how we approach supervision in mining operations.

Key Challenges Identified

    1. Declining Years of Experience: There’s a consensus that the average experience of supervisors in the industry has been steadily decreasing. This trend raises concerns about the effectiveness of supervision and its impact on safety and operational efficiency.
    2. Gap in Training and Development: The current training methodologies for supervisors are increasingly viewed as inadequate. The need for training programs that are more practical and contextually relevant, particularly in soft skills like leadership and communication, is evident.
    3. The Need for Mentorship: The lack of mentorship and coaching for new supervisors is a critical gap. Experienced mentors are essential for guiding and shaping the next generation of supervisors.
    4. Complex Compliance Requirements: Supervisors struggle with navigating complex Safety and Health Management Systems (SHMS) and compliance requirements, highlighting a need for more focused training in these areas.
    5. Cultural and Structural Factors: The industry’s culture and structural practices, including promotion and support systems, are also contributing to the challenges faced by supervisors.

Opportunities for Change

  1. Innovative Training Programs: The creation of new, more effective training programs like the “Certificate IV in Practical Supervision Methods” by MINRES Training Institute is a step in the right direction. These programs aim to equip supervisors with practical skills, a deep understanding of compliance and safety, and the soft skills necessary for effective leadership.
  2. Industry-Wide Collaboration: There’s an opportunity for mining companies, educational institutions, and industry bodies to collaborate on developing and standardizing supervisor training.
  3. Mentorship and Continuous Learning: Establishing mentorship programs and continuous learning opportunities can significantly enhance the skills and readiness of supervisors.
  4. Promotion of a Supportive Culture: Encouraging a culture that values experience and nurtures leadership skills at all levels can contribute to more competent supervision.

The Certificate IV in Resource Supervision (MRII40124) is designed to help you hone or obtain the skills and knowledge required to lead and manage workers across a broad spectrum of mining and quarrying environments across Australia and New Zealand.

Supervision is an essential function for safe, efficient, and profitable mining and quarrying operations. Effective supervision involves the application of people, technical and management skills, setting and maintaining high standards of worker performance and behaviour.

Who is this Course for?

This course is for mine and quarry managers, superintendents and supervisors who are responsible for:

  • Leading and managing workers,
  • Implementing and maintaining systems to control safety and health, environmental, quality risk,
  • Ensuring internal and external compliance requirements are met,
  • Programming and controlling operations, and
  • Managing resources, budgets, and cost control processes.

The course is suitable for participants who have experience in mining and quarrying, as well as persons who are transitioning from other similar industries.

The challenges faced by the mining industry in terms of supervision are significant, but they also present an opportunity to be the change you want to see. By embracing innovative training programs, fostering mentorship, and promoting a supportive culture, the industry can ensure that its supervisors are not only competent but also pivotal in driving safety, efficiency, and success in mining operations.

To all industry stakeholders – let’s join hands in shaping a future where competent and effective supervision is the norm in the mining industry. Embrace training, mentorship, and a culture of continuous improvement. The future of mining depends on it.

Author’s Note: This post is inspired by recent discussions on professional platforms and aims to provide insights into the challenges and potential solutions for improving supervision in the mining industry.

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