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Developing Supervisor

The Certificate Provides Competency-Based Training and Assessment

Congratulations! on starting your Supervisor Development Program with BMA.  As a Supervisor at BMA you will need to undertake some training and assessment activities to meet the company obligations under Recognised Standard 22. If you require any assistance, please dont hesitate to contact a team member on 1800 MINRES  

Target Audience

Who is this Course for?

This is a Level [4] Course, designed for the Developing Supervisors at BMA:

  • Supervisors
  • Superintendents
  • Other persons nominated in the organisational structure.

To successfully complete the nominated course requirements, you may be asked to rely on your own sites internal documentation and systems.  Please have that documentation ready when required.

Duration and Delivery

The course is delivered via one of or a blend of the following modes:

  • Face to face ONSITE (by arrangement only)
  • Virtual Training by Video conferencing
  • On-demand Personal Trainer

Packaging Rules

The following provides the packaging rules for this qualification, followed by the list of relevant units of competency.

Total number of units = 13

4 core units:

  • RIICOM301E Communicate information
  • RIIENV302E Apply environmentally sustainable work practices
  • RIIGOV401E Apply, monitor and report on compliance systems
  • RIIRIS401E Apply site risk management system

9 elective units:

  • BSBWHS411 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs
  • RIIERR401E Apply and monitor emergency preparedness and response systems in surface operations
  • RIIMEX407 Apply and monitor the ground control management plan
  • RIIMPO403D Monitor the interaction of heavy and light vehicles and mining equipment
  • RIIRAI401D Apply and monitor mine services and infrastructure systems
  • RIISRM401D Apply and monitor the site stockpile management plan
  • RIISAM401E Apply site plant, equipment and infrastructure maintenance management plans
  • RIIWHS403E Apply the work health and safety management system
  • RIIWHS404E Implement and monitor health and hygiene management systems

Participants who looked at this course, also looked at G4 Operational and Safety Management – Principles and Practice.

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