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Certificate IV in Surface Extraction Operations


The Certificate Provides Competency-Based Training and Assessment

This course has been designed using a SMART Training Plan specifically to assist Site Senior Executives, Quarry Managers and Supervisors in coal or metalliferous operations who should obtain the recommended competencies to apply for a Statutory Notice/Practicing Certificate or fulfil their Recognised Standard 22 (RS22) requirements.       

Target Audience

This course specifically targets Supervisors and Managers who are required to:

  • Apply for a Statutory Notice/Practicing Certificate (QLD, NSW, SA, WA, VIC).
  • Meet Recognised Standard 22 (RS22) Training Requirements

Duration and Delivery

The duration of this course is 3-12 months depending on the candidates’ experience.

The course is delivered via one of or a blend of the following modes:

  • Face to face via LIVE webinar
  • On-demand Personal Trainer
  • Face to face ONSITE
  • Self-paced online study

Packaging Rules

Total number of units = 13

  • 4 core units, plus
  • 9 elective units, of which:
    • one (1) must be from Group
    • at least two (2) must be from Group B
    • no more than four (4) may be from Group C
    • no more than (1) may be from Group D
    • no more than two (2) may be from elsewhere

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