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How to make a Complaint

The way we handle Complaints and Appeals

The MINRES Team prides itself on these three values, Family, Community and Environment. We believe we must live the values, morals, and beliefs we hold by continuously embracing and creating safe, supportive and sustainable frameworks to undertake an active hands on role in shaping the direction of the country in which we live.  

We, at all times, choose to maintain open lines of communicaqtion with our community.  I am confident that you will find us approachable and above all willing to listen and act on any concern brought to us.  

How to make a complaint

In the first instance, we would strongly encourage you to speak to our Training Co-ordinator, David Peacock. 

Dave would have given you a Contact MINRES card for safe keeping.  His Open Door Policy ensures that you will be listened to in a safe environment and supported through to a mutual resolution. 

Contact Details

Training Co-ordinator, David Peacock

Phone | 0434 050 848

Email | complaints@minres.com.au

If for any reason , you are unable to reach David, or would prefer to remain anonymous, please us the Submit a complaint Form opposite.  You do not have to leave your name or contact details, however, we would encourage you to do so to enable us to address your concern fully advise you of the outcome.

Complaints Handling Process

In the last instance if you feel that you have not been heard, or that there has been no improvement or solution to the problem that youare experiencing, please feel free to contact ASQA directly.


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