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The course is for Participants in the Accelerated Program

MINRES’ accelerated programs allow you to graduate up to 50% quicker than your peers getting you into your new role earning, learning and making changes sooner!  Designed for people who need to apply for their statutory notice as soon as practical.  Pre-requisite Tests commence on the second Monday of every month.

Program Scope

Persons applying to undertake this qualification must demonstrate 100 points of Eligibility and meet strict criteria to allow for the awarding of the Level 5 Qualification under the Australian Qualification Framework. Eligible participants will be required to:

  • Provide evidence of their Competency up to the value of 100 points
  • Pass a Verification of Competency Test within a specified timeframe
  • Submit designated tasks within a specified timeframe. Ie weekly
  • Demonstrate Verbal or Oral Confirmation on at least three occasions. Ie. fortnightly
  • Submit payment in full prior to the issuance of the Qualification. 
  • All submissions will be subject to the use of an AI Detector for original work as per the MINRES Academic Integrity Policy.

Available Programs

  • RII50120 Diploma of Surface Operations Management
  • RII60220 Advanced Diploma of Extractive Industries
  • RII60720 Advanced Diploma of Surface Coal Mining Management

Duration and Delivery

Persons in this accelerated course who meet all the criteria and submission guidelines, would be working to achieve their Qualification in six weeks. 

  • Admission Pre-Qualification Exam (mandatory)
  • Self Paced Study (mandatory)
  • Face to face via LIVE webinar (Optional)
  • Scheduled Progress Tutorial (Optional)

Packaging Rules

Participants must complete a minimum of ten (10) units of competency by training and assessment pathway during a set timeframe. 

Participants may utilise up to two (2) units of competency at an equivalent AQF Level as Credit Tranfers which count towards completion. 

Recognition of Prior Learning outcomes while not prohibited, are not encouraged, and may be utilised for up to two (2) units of competency which are not core units within the qualifications packaging rules. 

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