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Managing your training requirements has never been easier! My dedicated team is here to provide you with not just knowledge, but an experience that will forever change the way you look at safety in mining and quarrying.

RII60720 Advanced Diploma of Surface Coal Mining Management

Our course has been designed for Supervisors, Mine and Quarry Managers who must undertake specific competencies. This course includes:

  • Recognised Standard 22 Requirements
  • Queensland and New South Wales Recommended Competencies
  • Western and South Australian Recommended Competencies
  • Recommendations from the Brady Report
  • High Priority Hazards and more…


MRII40124 Certificate IV in Resource Supervision

The Certificate IV in Resources Supervision (MRII40124) is designed to help you hone or obtain the skills and knowledge required to lead and manage workers across a broad spectrum of mining and quarrying environments across Australia and New Zealand. 

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Don't Be Careful, Be Competent!

Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is an inspiration!  Listen carefully to the first 60 seconds.   

He coordinated a team of experts in every discipline for the most dangerous stunt he’d ever attempted….and trained for more than a year “to get so good at it, that there was no way he missed it!” 

500 Skydives, 13,000 motorcross jumps… Quarry scene is at 2.50 seconds. 

Lead Your Site with Confidence: Become a Site Senior Executive (SSE)

Take Control of Your Site

The role of the Site Senior Executive (SSE) is crucial in mining and quarrying operations. You’re in charge of safety, efficiency, and guiding your team. Your decisions impact health and safety, production, maintenance, and sales. Regardless of your operation’s size, your leadership is key.

Understand the Rules, Show Your Skill

Australian regulations require an SSE for every site. The specifics vary by location, but the core requirement is competence. This includes knowledge of safety protocols, production management, and team leadership. Some roles may require specific qualifications, highlighting the need for proven skills and knowledge.

Advance Your Career with MINRES

MINRES offers courses designed for those stepping into or advancing within the SSE role. Our focus is on practical skills and knowledge that exceed standard requirements. Whether you’re new to the role or looking to improve, our training prepares you to lead effectively. With MINRES, you gain the tools to not just meet but excel in your responsibilities.

The Five Key Areas of Proessional Development include:

  1. Safety and Risk Management
  2. Leadership and Management
  3. Emergency Management
  4. Operations
  5. Personal Effectiveness
NEW! CPD Courses Available

Putting the 'AI' Back in Training Management

Want your own easy to access user-friendly Employer Portal to track student progression on a centralised platform that displays real-time updates?

MINRES has developed the latest cutting edge Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to program a training management system to automate mapping tasks quickly and efficiently.

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What Students Have to Say...

I would like to thank you guys for the QM training.
I found everyone very friendly and professional. Admin had all the content ready to go, refreshments at the ready. The content was very relevant, useful and the trainers delivered it from experience, not just from a textbook. I found the skills and techniques were very practical and offered real solutions to real issues that we face in these times on a mine or quarry site. It was nice to complete training in an area in which I hadn't already covered. I would highly recommend MINRES to anyone seeking QM or any other training.

Just passing on my compliments for quite a well-run session over the past two days.
These webinars are not always easy to deliver with that format, particularly over the course of entire days. However, I certainly did not feel disadvantaged or that I would have missed out upon understanding in any way. I also noted the tech support from the MINRES team was quite responsive to the inevitable connection problem and kept us corralled quite well. I really enjoyed the training and will recommend it to others.

I just wanted to say a big thanks for all your hard work.
I got a lot out of the modules and it was great to get a chance to talk with others in the industry. The course was interactive and gave us the ability to work as we learnt. The trainer adapted to each persons knowledge levels which made us feel included and encouraged. The course content was easy to understand and gave me more confidence to do my job effectively. I could not have done this course without the help of the MINRES team.

The trainer showed how to navigate the acts and regulations sites easily and effectively.
The trainer was very knowledgeable and very helpful with some parts of the course that I found difficult. The training was clear and completed in a team environment which meant that it was interactive and engaging and was able to be adjusted for learners that weren't absorbing the information as fast as others. I was happy with how the course was run and now have a better understanding of the aspects of my job role. I will be able to convey WHS rules and regulations in a better way to my crew.

The online training went very well!.
So far I’ve done 3-4 online sessions with work and different providers and they have all been duds or stressful. This one was the standout success and shows how much hard work went into it. Big thanks to the MINRES Team :> Keep up the great work. I would thoroughly recommend these modules to my work colleagues... "

This intensive course is designed to bridge the critical skills gap in operational and safety supervision within the mining sector. It combines theory with practical application, covering essential aspects of operational leadership, management skills, communication, team building, and more, tailored specifically for the challenges and dynamics of the resources industry.

Directly addressing the need for experienced leadership in both operational and safety contexts, emphasizing the importance of selecting the appropriate leadership style.

Recognising the gap in effective communication, offering practical exercises to improve this essential skill.

Tackling the need for better team cohesion and conflict resolution strategies, which are crucial for maintaining a productive work environment.

Providing a structured approach to these critical thinking skills, essential for effective supervision.

The comprehensive coverage of planning, resource management, and supervision strategies directly responding to the need for improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Introducing a dedicated module on developing mentorship skills to further empower supervisors to nurture and develop their teams, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning.

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